Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Masoli Thanks Ole Miss Fans

If you’re looking for a good example of how our collective attention span can now be clocked with an egg timer, look no further than the case of one Jeremiah Masoli.

In August, Masoli Madness took over.  Houston Nutt was called “dirty” for bringing him to Oxford.  UM fans screamed that the NCAA should give him a second chance.  Rival fans talked about him as though he’d knocked over banks and mailed anthrax.  And media folks… oh, boy, the media folks.  We all started yelling at the top of our lungs that Masoli to Ole Miss was a travesty. 

And just a few months later no one cares.  The Rebels didn’t win many games.  Masoli didn’t have a great year.  The earth never stopped spinning.  The moon never turned to blood.  And now the whole chapter will be but a footnote in the 2010 SEC football history book.

Well yesterday, the guy who came in with such a controversial bang left Ole Miss with a simple e-thanks.

Kyle Veazey of The Jackson Clarion-Ledger points out that Masoli gave a shout-out to Rebel fans on his website:

“… thanks to all the fans for a great season of support.  I know this season wasn’t all we had hoped for but it was a great ride.  One of my favorite moments in my career is the game @ LSU where we almost pulled it off.”

The fact that one of his “favorite moments” is when he “almost” pulled something off tells you what kind of year it was for the QB and the Rebels.  At least he walked the straight and narrow and avoided any public embarrassments.  Good for him on that front.

But just think of all the ink wasted and the vocal chords strained over the Oregon transfer back in August.  We should all try to remember The Great Masoli Overreaction of 2010 the next time a few columnists try to whip us into a frenzy by pushing our outrage buttons.

Sometimes the outrage isn’t worth it.

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